Mackellar Group | New Cohort of Aspiring Apprentices for MacKellar

31 January 2024

MacKellar Group Welcomes New Aspiring Apprentices

31 January 2024

MacKellar Group Welcomes New Aspiring Apprentices


This year, we welcome 15 apprentice Diesel Fitters and 2 apprentice Auto Electricians eager to embark on a journey of growth, learning and excellence.

Training and Development

At MacKellar, we believe in providing the best training opportunities for our apprentices. They will undergo an intensive Off-the-Job Training through our training partners and will also gain valuable hands-on experience with rotational On-the-Job training across multiple MacKellar locations.

This comprehensive training program is designed to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge for their respective fields and we welcomed them at the Sunshine Coast Head Office to kickstart their journey.

Excitement filled the air as the 17 eager apprentices spent their first week at our Sunshine Coast headquarters, completing a comprehensive Mackellar Induction, which included sessions at the Nambour Workshop. This induction week set the foundation for their four-year apprenticeship program.

Diverse Opportunities

Our apprenticeship programs cater to the unique needs of each discipline.

Diesel Fitters will benefit from an intensive Off the Job Training program at Hastings Deering, while Auto Electricians will undergo training at Acacia Ridge Tafe. Both programs also include rotational On the Job training across various MacKellar locations, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.


This year, 4 apprentice Diesel Fitters and 1 apprentice Auto Electrician will begin their training at our Nambour Workshop. Meanwhile, 11 apprentice Diesel Fitters and 1 apprentice Auto Electrician will commence their training at our Blackwater facilities. These locations offer diverse environments and real-world scenarios for our apprentices to develop their skills.

MacKellar celebrates the start of this exciting journey for our newest team members as they embark on this transformative experience. As they make strides in their training we are confident they will excel and make significant contributions to the industry!

At MacKellar Group, we understand the importance of investing in the next generation of skilled professionals. Our apprenticeship programs provide a platform for aspiring individuals to learn, grow, and excel in their chosen fields.