Mackellar Group | The HCS-60-L Cylinder Bench is here!

1 June 2023

The HCS-60-L Cylinder Bench is here!

1 June 2023

The HCS-60-L Cylinder Bench is here!

Revolutionary Cylinder Bench commissioned at Nambour Workshop

The commissioning of the HCS-60-L Cylinder Bench at the MacKellar Group Nambour Workshop marks a new era in hydraulic cylinder servicing.

With its exceptional capabilities, including handling of large excavator cylinders up to 10.3 metres, and effortless locknut removal, this cutting-edge cylinder bench elevates maintenance and repair standards in the mining industry to a new high.

MacKellar's commitment to excellence and collaboration saw us working with industry experts to commission the HCS-60-L and further solidify our position as a reliable partner for mining equipment maintenance.

The quality control measures we have in place, means we can strip, assess and rebuild almost any cylinder to exact needs, efficiently, safely, and ensuring customer satisfaction for year to come.

More about the HCS-60-L

The HCS-60-L Cylinder Bench boasts impressive dimensions, making it capable of accommodating various cylinder sizes.

With a maximum extended length of 34 feet (10.3m), this machine can handle even the largest excavator cylinder. Diameter is also not an issue, as our machine can service cylinders with a maximum outer diameter of 30 inches (762mm) without a threaded gland, and up to 20 inches (508mm) with a threaded gland.

This remarkable versatility ensures that we can cater to a wide range of cylinders, providing comprehensive services to our mining industry clientele.