Mackellar Group | Seamless Collaboration for Efficient Operations

22 November 2023

Seamless Collaboration for Efficient Operations

22 November 2023

Seamless Collaboration for Efficient Operations


Headquartered on the Sunshine Coast, MacKellar Group has grown and made significant investments in expanding its capacity to support clients' growth objectives. With over 15 ongoing mining projects on the East coast and the recent acquisition of Western Plant Hire in 2022, MacKellar Group has established a solid footprint across Australia.

MacKellar Group boasts an impressive fleet of over 500 mining and civil machines. With a workforce of almost 1000 employees, MacKellar provides comprehensive support to customers through maintenance services and component rebuilding in Nambour, Blackwater, and Perth.

Additionally, MacKellar offers same-day tilt tray services to client sites, ensuring prompt and efficient assistance when needed. This commitment to top-notch support has garnered the trust of clients like Middlemount Coal.

Establishing an Effective Partnership with Middlemount Coal

MacKellar Group and Middlemount Coal have worked together since 2015. This partnership has only grown stronger over time thanks to a long-term contract and the potential for future collaboration. With a shared commitment to long-term success, MacKellar Group and Middlemount Coal work together as a Dream Team " striving to achieve the best project outcomes possible.

Efficient Achievement of Goals

One of the factors contributing to the success of this partnership is the collaborative environment fostered by MacKellar Group and Middlemount Coal.

By adopting an integrated approach they have created a mutually beneficial system that allows for achievement of project objectives. MacKellar Group provides Middlemount Coal with a comprehensive equipment hire fleet and full maintenance service, ensuring the smooth operation of the mining activities.

Embracing Technology and Prioritising Safety

Recognising the importance of technology and safety in the mining industry, MacKellar has taken proactive measures to enhance operations.

At the Middlemount Coal site we have implemented innovative safety products known as SafeGauge.

These safety systems provide real-time data and insights, increasing safety measures, optimising resource allocation and streamlining operations. With the implementation of SafeGauge, MacKellar has successfully prioritised the well-being of employees and the effectiveness of our operations.

MacKellar Group is also fully responsible for the provision and maintenance of the on-site Heavy Mobile Equipment (HME) fleet at Middlemount Coal. This contribution plays a role in ensuring operations and reliability and enables Middlemount Coal employees to focus on their core tasks with confidence that their equipment's well maintained and ready for use.

Looking Ahead

The partnership between MacKellar Group and Middlemount Coal has proven to be highly successful, with potential for future collaboration that positions both parties for long term success.

Through a shared vision and commitment to safety and efficiency,we have created a partnership that allows for the successful execution of project objectives. This is a great example of what can be accomplished when two organisations unite as a team to pursue a shared objective.

By continuously expanding our capacity at MacKellar, leveraging our diverse fleet, and embracing innovative technologies, MacKellar Group are well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of this mine site.

MacKellar's commitment, to Middlemount Coal and other clients is evident. In the competitive world of heavy equipment solutions providers, the partnership between MacKellar Group and Middlemount Coal shines as a beacon of collaboration, efficiency, and long-term success.