Mackellar Group | Purpose, Pillars and Values

7 February 2024

Purpose, Pillars and Values

7 February 2024

Purpose, Pillars and Values

Celebrating MacKellar’s Culture

MacKellar's success as a provider of mining equipment and services is based on our experience, our purpose, our pillars and our values.

At the heart of MacKellar lies our Purpose. It defines why we exist as a business and what we aim to accomplish in all our business endeavours.

It acts as a force for the business, ensuring that every individual at MacKellar comes to work with a sense of purpose working together towards a goal. This purpose resonates throughout our operations by fostering collaboration and fueling our determination to make an impact in our industry.

Defining Our Purpose


The Pillars That Drive Us

To fulfill our Purpose we rely on five Pillars to drive our strategic direction.

These Pillars are not hierarchical. Instead they serve as guiding principles for excellence, that are expected from every member of the MacKellar team. These foundational elements are:

PEOPLE: We value our team members as our most valuable asset, and strive to cultivate a positive, caring and vibrant culture. At MacKellar we are dedicated to fostering professional growth enabling our team to flourish and thrive in their respective fields.

SAFETY: The wellbeing of our team is very important to us. We firmly believe that everyone has the right to return home safely every day. Safety is deeply ingrained in our operations creating an environment where safety always comes first.

CUSTOMERS: At MacKellar we succeed by helping our customers succeed. We place customer at the center of everything we do, dedicating ourselves to delivering exceptional service, building relationships and consistently exceeding expectations.

FINANCIAL STRENGTH: We recognise the importance of maintaining a solid financial foundation. We are focused on controlling our future through profitable growth, enabling us to provide quality services to our clients.

COMMUNITY: At MacKellar we embrace our responsibility to the communities we operate in. We take pride in being actively engaged in the community, contribute to local events, and strive to make a positive impact with our actions.

Living Our Values

In addition to our Pillars, MacKellar embraces four core Values that bring us together as a strong, dynamic and committed team.

INTEGRITY: Upholding the standards of honesty, ethics and transparency is of paramount importance at MacKellar. We strongly believe in acting with integrity - doing what is right and delivering on our commitments.

CARING: Genuine care lies at the core of MacKellar. We foster a compassionate and supporting environment that prioritises the wellbeing of our people - caring about our pople, their safety and the communities we operate in.

RESPECT: We value diversity and embrace different perspectives. At MacKellar we embrace openness, trust, an appreciation for opinions, roles, experiences and backgrounds.

COURAGE: At MacKellar we embrace courage - having the willingness and ability to overcome fear and do something meaningful, to make a positive impact.

Embracing Our Purpose, Pillars and Values

Our Purpose, Pillars and Values serve as a guiding compass for every level of the business. They define our identity and what we stand for at MacKellar - uniting us under a shared purpose while reinforcing our commitment to excellence.

By embracing these principles, our team unites as a dedicated group of individuals propelling our shared vision and making a positive difference to our customers and the communities we serve.