Mackellar Group | Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

27 July 2023

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

27 July 2023

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

Elimination of Live Work Program

With a history spanning several decades and a firm focus on safety, it’s true to say that MacKellar Group has come across many safety products in its time.

So, when our Managing Director of Operations, Stuart Arndell, met with SafeGauge it was a no brainer to integrate these effective products into MacKellar’s operations to bolster safety and improve efficiency.

Since first meeting with representatives from SafeGauge at the beginning of the year, MacKellar Group's collaboration with SafeGauge has revolutionised our safety practices and enhanced operational efficiencies at two sites.

By adopting the innovative solutions offered by SafeGauge, MacKellar is making strong progress towards Elimination of Live Work, while simultaneously streamlining measurement processes and maintenance record-keeping.

According to Stuart Arndell, the SafeGauge products have been instrumental in safeguarding MacKellar’s workforce, enabling employees to operate machinery from a safe distance and mitigating the risk of injuries or burns. This helps MacKellar effectively eliminate the potential dangers posed by working in close proximity to machines.

Another significant advantage of adopting SafeGauge's products is the streamlined recording of measurements and values, which assists in reducing mistakes and expediting maintenance record-sharing.

It’s not surprise that implementation of these electronic systems has also significantly improved efficiency within MacKellar Group's operations, ensuring accurate and accessible data for their maintenance processes.

The immediate improvement in maintenance procedures is a testament to MacKellar's workforce who eagerly embraced the new safety solutions.

The Live-Testing products, including the six-channel pressure test gauge and the four-channel dial indicator testing kit, have become indispensable tools for our team working on dump trucks, dozers and excavators.

As the business continues to explore new safety solutions, MacKellar Group looks forward to a lasting partnership with SafeGauge, ensuring a safer and more productive future through a commitment to ongoing improvement.

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