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19 February 2024

New Laser Improves Efficiency

19 February 2024

New Laser Improves Efficiency

Innovation is a top priority at MacKellar

MacKellar recently introduced a state-of-the-art laser into our workshop, marking a huge technological advancement in Australia.

Located at our Nambour facility, the new laser primarily focuses on removing paint from items such as cylinders, wheel hubs, hydraulic pumps, housings and castings. It also serves the purpose of preparing steel surfaces before painting.

Previously, MacKellar used to outsource the preparation and cleaning of components either through sandblasting, high pressure water blasting or paint stripping. Now all these tasks can be efficiently handled in house within a controlled environment. This has significantly boosted productivity by enabling us to process components daily without having to send them off site.

Sandblasting used to pose challenges due to the need for gear and discomfort during hot summer days. Breathing became difficult under heat and sweat conditions.

The introduction of the laser system has transformed our operations, with the new method producing minimal fumes compared to traditional methods. The laser swiftly disintegrates paint both paint and any material that needs cleaning.

Using the cutting-edge laser in a controlled and well-maintained working environment also ensures our staff and operators can focus entirely on their tasks without being slowed down by cleanup requirements.

This is just one example of how MacKellar prioritises efficiency, quality and innovation, and is the reason we've dedicated significant resources to upgrading our technology with the laser and other machinery.

Other enhancements to our machinery includes the installation of the 400 Tonne WTC Track Press, which enables MacKellar to dismantle tracks efficiently, and meticulously clean the links and bushes using laser technology.

Last year we also commissioned a Cylinder Bench for hydraulic cylinder servicing, which means all this work is carried out within our own facilities, giving us full oversight of the entire process.

Thanks to these advancements we can effectively handle a large volume of components, on a daily basis.